Eykan Construction established in 2005, the date of its establishment until today our company completed every project successfully on time. Meticulous work of the administrative and technical staff team was awarded with certificates of appreciation and success of various institutions, It has been the subject of media reports, Serious, consistent and quality-oriented service concept of responsibility is always foreground of our company for the works it is undertaken.


Our work with construction, landscaping and construction services in our project plan and programmatic work will be to the highest level principles of our success. ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System in accordance with the places we serve through continuous improvement, to provide services in accordance with the standards and customer requirements, to improve quality, reduce costs and to increase customer satisfaction in the forefront, developing our employees through continuous training, allowing to settle at each stage of quality awareness, to increase our competitiveness in the industry, to make our relationships permanent with our high quality suppliers is our quality policy.

Negative environmental impact from our activities to identify and to minimize them, develop new criteria and procedures to raise awareness for the implementation of all our employees, Sharing our knowledge and experience with our employees for the development of environmental awareness and the protection of the environment, to comply with the requirements of the International standards, laws, regulations and Environmental legislation is our environmental policy.

To comply with International standards, laws, regulations and the need to comply with İSG legislations and to follow up the developing technology and whether new Occupational Health and Safety criteria and develop procedures, to share with the implementation, meet the educational needs of our employees,Occupational Health and Safety to passing the responsibility for the decision to be taken to ensure their active participation, to defeat by reviewing the current operating procedures, eliminate the risks that threaten the Occupational Health and Safety is our OCHS policy.